15 Minutes of Fame

It’s probably not quite as significant as getting slashdotted (or boingboinged) but here’s what the ‘stats’ on my blog showed the other day after my hot-water-bottle post got linked to by Gizmodo and Lifehacker.

Which just goes to show how tough it is to have a consistently-visited blog… you’ve actually, like, got to work at it or something… :-)


3 thoughts on “15 Minutes of Fame

  1. Oh, it is your water bottle’s fame plot.
    I thought it was Gore’s hockeystick plot spreading as another net-meme.
    Or, maybe, they are related… hot water bottles, climate change.
    More likely, I bet one could come up with a graph showing matching curves for global temperature increase and the growing number of websites (and blogs) (and the decrease in pirates, aaargh).

  2. I’m actually surprised your post after your..um… interesting night at the movies didn’t give you an equal bump.

    Maybe if you had your G9 at the ready that night. :)

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