stereogram to animation

Been dealing with stereo a fair bit lately, thinking about how The Foundry‘s optical flow stuff applies to a variety of interesting problems.  So when I came across this gizmodo post, it was pretty clear that another fun way of presenting a stereo pair would be to animate between the two eyes.  An easy big of magic for The Foundry’s retiming tools (you could of course do it using Apple’s Shake or Motion and a bunch of other packages – though the quality of the results would probably vary).

So here’s an animated gif that, instead of merely flipping back&forth, smoothly moves the (virtual) camera between the two eye positions.  A bit less painful to view I think…


11 thoughts on “stereogram to animation

  1. @Knottydon – I don’t think Photoshop has the capability to do this, at least not at all easily. After Effects probably could, and as I said, Shake and Motion should be able to do it. You’re basically just treating the two different images as if they were frames in a sequence and then ‘retiming’ it slower to get some in-between frames.

  2. beautiful. i’m so happy to see this!
    please keep in mind that i made these to satisfy my own curiosities. i had no idea so many people would see them. sorry they’re hard on your eyes…

    very best to you.

  3. Pretty much run at defaults I think – no masking certainly. But you can see a lot of artifacts too… not something I’d submit to a director :-).

  4. Nicely done.

    I did a few tests a couple of years ago based on the theory of “Visual Vibrato”. These use 4 or more shots of the same subject from slightly different angles (or over slight time differences with wind blowing etc), and are presented using flash so I have the option of randomly skipping to a different frame (rather than being a linear repeat). I found random skipping helped you appreciate it as an image rather than as a mini-video.

    You can see more at the link of my name if your interested.

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