4 thoughts on “My Hero…

  1. Absofantastifuckinglutely!!
    Matt rocks. Nice guy getting to travel the planet just because. He has done as much to better international relations as anyone in the Bush administration has to bring it down; unfortunately, Matt is outnumbered many thousands to one. Barack/Matt in 2008.
    Smiling and dancing all over the world: most excellent.

  2. OMG that video made me so happy. Seriously, made me tear up, it’s just so simple and happy and great. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to put him on my blog too.

    I especially love when he slides into the bollywood thing in india with the other dancers.

  3. this is fantastic, I love it.

    but can you tell me what the song is and who sings it. I didn’t catch it if it’s at the end.

  4. Happy 4th Ron, Big smile – that made me happy too – Thank you!
    Hope you are well – I look forward to seeing pics from the rest of your journey after we saw you last – take good care!

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