Things I sometimes do…

I was flying from Seattle to LA the other day and we passed over Mt. Rainier. I’d been working on the laptop at the time but looked up and out the window to check out the scenery. A decent view, but there was some interesting stuff off in the distance that I wished I could see a little better. And so, without thinking, my hand went to the trackpad and started doing the two-finger ‘scroll’ motion on my macbook, trying to get the view out the window to move into a better position. Unfortunately this didn’t work.

Nor does the behavior I’ve done many many times of glancing to the upper-right corner of the newspaper to see what time it is.

But someday…


7 thoughts on “Things I sometimes do…

  1. Funny! I know how you feel as my wife and I shared a laugh a while back when she tried to use an iPhone gesture on the car GPS unit.

    I was just talking with someone who told me the windows of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner will feature electrochromic windows which replace the pull down window shades. Not quite for multi-touch but still pretty interesting. They can be controlled by the flight attendants when movies start for example or to cool the plane while sitting empty.

  2. Ha ha! That’s awesome … my wierdness is usually when I try to “zoom-in/out” using Photoshop commands when I’m not using Photoshop (command-“+” or “0”). I think that most of us who are glued to their computer tend to get stuck in cyberspace, even when we’re out of it.

  3. I have similar issues with TIVO related stuff. I think it’s making me lazy when I watch “live” tv and movies now. I better fix that!

  4. I’m glad to see it happen to others, I sketch and draw a bit, and more than once I have tried to
    Ctrl+Z to “undo” a mistake, even though I have an eraser that says Ctrl Z on it sitting right next to me. Apparently the key command is on the lower left of the page I happen to be drawing on.

  5. Know this post is a bit old, but still…

    This happens to me too. My favourite yet was glancing up at a black sky with only one bright star/planet visible a few months ago and the first thought to struck me was: “Must be a stuck pixel up there”.

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