Photos from European trip…

Swan baby hitching a ride

spiral tower interior, copenhagen

Finally got some time to fire up Aperture and organize some of the pix I shot while wandering around Europe last month.  South of France, Berlin, Copenhagen and a brief day-trip across the bridge over to Sweden.  As is usually the case, it’s a fairly random collection – hopefully more weighted to interestingness rather than just aesthetic or technical merit.  Check ’em out here.  

I’m gradually trying to get photos from some of my older trips online as well – the collection is kept here.


4 thoughts on “Photos from European trip…

  1. Definitely weighted to interestingness, but as well you undoubtedly have an amazing way with framing & composition – your photos capture all the beauty of the moment – the bicycles/where was that? I thought it was a photo of a painting – how would one find there own bike at the end of a day – maybe its not an issue (?)… these are all really moving…

  2. It’s in Copenhagen. Called literally The Round Tower (or Rundentaarn if you prefer) it was built with a spiral ramp instead of steps so they could get horses up to a big room on one of the upper floors. The spiral winds around about 5 times I’d guess? Copenhagen must be into spirals since there’s also that church spire with the spiral staircase on the outside (here). But it was closed for renovation so I couldn’t climb up that one :-(

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