Ubuntu… what does it really mean?


Wandering around Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago I stopped into a 7-11 to get a quick drink.  (For those of you that haven’t been to Copenhagen, understand that 7-11’s are more common than Starbucks are in Seattle.  Like, significantly more common – pretty much one on every block it seems).  And I noticed the following sign:

Yup, Ubuntu Cola.  Naturally the cynic in me had to wonder if this was some extremely niche-focused marketing attempt to appeal to UNIX users or something.  I didn’t actually buy a can, mostly because I don’t generally drink sugar water, but did take the photo which then prompted me to do a bit of Wikipedia-searching once I was back home and sorting through everything:


        Ubuntu Cola is a soft drink certified by the Fairtrade Foundation.

But more importantly, I learned that:

        The cola is named after the African philosophy of Ubuntu, or humanity towards others.

Which is, I think, a worthwhile term to know.  And to share.  Which is why I’m writing about it.


3 thoughts on “Ubuntu… what does it really mean?

  1. Before they became so popular, this explanation of Ubuntu used to actually sit on Canonical’s website.

    You are right though, it is definitely worthwhile thing to remember.

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