More Composting

Again, only for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, here’s a compendium of tweets from the last couple weeks:


TheBigPicture covers Yann Arthus-Bertrand: His classic book “Earth From Above” ( is magnificent, BTW #

Oh, and incase you didn’t notice it on the Big Picture blog, all those images have [map] link @ bottom to open googlemap of the location. #

Did you know that the string 777777777 occurs starting at the 24,658,601th digit of π? And my birthday’s around the 180millionth digit. # #

Coolest thing I’ve seen on the web all week: Set the shutter speed on camera to 6 MONTHS! #

I love it when I can justify browsing around cool websites like this as ‘part of my job’ (sort of): #

This is sweet – and nicely planned out. 

Photo of a chick embryo – do people find this weird or (like me) strangely beautiful? #

fxguide just posted podcastinterview they did w/ me – visual effects geekitude & a bit of ‘I remember when’ oldfart stuff: #

Re: fxguide interview – I feel bad that I totally spaced on mentioning Emmanuel Mogenet, the other primary developer on Shake. :-( #

Cool news for low light photography #

The Big Picture of Sol: #

According to I should be voting Green party… but only barely – 1% more than Obama. Think I’ll factor in reality. #

Incidentally, that bump in twitter followers may have been due to an old blogpost getting picked up by reddit: How random. #

Nice little bit of Greenpeace artwork: #

regarding old-time radio shows, X-1 and Dimension X featured an amazing array of classic SciFi stories adapted into radio plays. #

We need seam carving for moving images. One more thing that will eventually end up in the DI suite I expect. #

Jimmy Chen from Taiwan is the first person to find a typo in my new book. See here for details: . Who’s next? #

Yeah, this is a bit weird/dorky/awkward… but the nostalgia value is worth it for me: #

Todays optimistic news: Packs of robot dogs will hunt down humans- And with that I’m going to bed. #

Okay, just dropped my absentee ballot into the mail. Let’s hope that Obama isn’t revealed to be an alien/skrull/bodysnatcher b4 November 4. #

some interesting thoughts here (and in comments): Ultimately I really wish we could get beyond a 2-party system ASAP #



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