Missing: Marilyn Bergeron

The sister of a dear friend of mine has been missing for some time now. Marilyn Bergeron was last seen in Québec City nearly a year ago and my friend and her family are organizing an effort to try and jump-start the search and to turn up any new information that may be available. Please visit www.trouvermarilyn.com (French, but there’s a link in the upper-left to give the English version) for more details. They’re planning to put up flyers in several of the larger Canadian cities on Sunday, February 15th, and if you’d like to help with that effort please get in touch with my friend at contact@findmarilyn.com.

I met Marilyn several times when she came to visit California and every time I talked to her she was sweet and full of laughter and full of life. Any information on her disappearance, no matter how small, might be the key to finding her so please take a minute to look over the website and to see if there’s anything that you might be able to contribute to the search.

Thank you so much for helping.



2 thoughts on “Missing: Marilyn Bergeron

  1. Hi. Has Marilyn been found? If you want I can make a special missing page for Marilyn on Missing International. I want to help find her if I can. My best wishes, Adrian

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