The Gaiman Library

Did a fun little blogpost for Shelfari today – a peek into Neil Gaiman’s personal library.  Read all about it here.  

Extremely cool that Gaiman allowed us to do this, and I certainly spent a whole lot of time looking over his books and saying to myself “Hey, I’ve got that one!”  Good fun.  

Gaiman (well, his buddy photographer Kyle Cassidy, actually) sent over quite a bit more than I posted over there, but the original blogpost was getting a bit long.  So as a special bonus for readers of this blog, here’s a few more photos from Mr. Gaiman’s collection, this time featuring some of his reference books (and, oh yeah, a friggin’ Hugo Award  too).  Nice!

Click on any of the images for the larger version – you should be able to read the individual titles on the fullsized shots.








30 thoughts on “The Gaiman Library

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  5. It’s quite interesting to see what an established author’s book shelf contains. Gaiman and myself don’t seem to share many common titles. But I love, love, love the fact he has an Adipose plush toy!!! I want one!!

  6. The Hugo there is for Best Short Story in 2003, awarded at Noreascon 4 in 2004 in Boston, MA. It’s for “A Study in Emerald”.

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  9. He has Vol. 3 of the Annotated Sherlock Holmes set that is sadly missing from my shelf. It appears he has only the third one. Maybe we could set up some sort of trade…

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  15. Thanks so much for offering these photos and the ability to zoom in. It was cool to see that I have a lot of these books and a lot of the ones I don’t have are on my “to buy” list! And now I have several new authors to look up. James Branch Cabell is completely unknown to me…

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