Long shutter helicopter lights

So I went ahead and bought one of those cool remote-controlled mini-helicopters the other day (http://amzn.to/osT7CM).  Gotta say – that’s a hellovalotta fun for 20 bucks.

And since it has these handy red/blue lights on the front of it that flash alternately, it seemed like a good idea to try some long-exposure photos whilst flying it around my living room last night.  Pretty neat (though you can definitely see how incredibly skill-less I currently am with the thing).  Still, so far the crashes haven’t been severe enough to do any damage to ‘copter, room, or my face, so I guess I’m ahead of the game.


Some abstract patterns with the camera pointed up at the ceiling



And yes, then I crashed it into the camera…


Zipping around the globe seemed like a good challenge.  At some point I’m hoping to be good enough to actually go, you know, AROUND the glob (instead of just bouncing up and down above it, barely avoiding collisions with continents or polar ice caps)

The battery was dying at this point so about all I could do was get it to skitter along the hardwood floor.  (A floor which desperately needs to be swept, apparently!)


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