Announcing… FreezePaint


Yeah I know, things have been a little quiet here on the blog lately. I’ve been head-down on a couple of projects that became rather all-consuming. But the good news is that one of them has finally come to fruition and so let’s talk about it.

Because, hey, I’ve just released my first app into the iOS App store!

It’s called FreezePaint and it’s pretty fun, if I do say so myself.

The website for the app is at and that’ll give you a rough idea of what it’s all about*.  But if I had to do a quick summary description about it, I’d say it’s a sort of live on-the-fly photo-montaging compositing remixer thingy.  Which probably makes it sound more complicated than it is.  Here, watch the video:

Of course as anybody who’s done an app can tell you, getting it launched is only the beginning of the process.  Time to put on my sales&marketing hat.

I’ve had some really great advice from some really great people (thanks, really great people!) and one of the things I heard several times was that it’s extremely important to get that initial sales bump to be as large as possible.

So anybody that’s reading this who has 99cents in their pocket and is feeling either curious or charitable, I’d be HUGELY APPRECIATIVE if you could go and buy a copy of FreezePaint. More particularly, I’d be extra hugely appreciative if you’d go buy it, like, now. Heck I’ll even offer a money-back guarantee. If you really don’t like it – don’t think you’ve gotten 99cents worth of amusement out of it, then I’ll happily Paypal a buck back to you. Simple as that.

But beyond just buying it, I’m hoping you can help spread the word a little bit. Because that’s where the real traction will come from. Fortunately we’ve made it pretty darn easy to do that because once you set things up it’s just a single button-click to share via Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or email. (Or all four at the same time!)

(And if you like it, remember that good reviews are an app’s life-blood… here, let me make it easy by providing a link to where you can leave one…  Just click here and scroll down a little bit.)

I know this all sounds rather self-serving. It totally is! I want people to use FreezePaint. I want to see what sort of wacky images you can come up with!  At this point I’m not even sure what the most common usage is going to be!  Will people spend most of their time putting their friends’ faces on their dogs?  Or will it be more of a ‘scrapbooking’ thing – a quick way to collage together a fun event or location.  Beats me.  A few of the images that beta-testers have created are at – send me something good/fun/interesting/disturbing that you’ve done with FreezePaint and there’s a pretty good chance it’ll end up there too!  (There’s a button at the bottom of the ‘sharing’ page in the app that shoots your images straight to my inbox.)

I’m sure I’ll be doing several more posts about all of this – about the process of how it all came together, about the pains of trying to find the right developer to work with (which I did, finally!), about the fun of dealing with the app store submission process, etc… :-)

But for now I’m just hoping that people check it out, tell their friends, and mostly have fun!

*Also, someone remind me to write a blog at some point about what an awesome tool is for building product websites like this – save me tons of time.


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    • Yes, guilty as charged :-). Suspect you can find several books on that shelf that we bought at some SF convention along the way – I recall coming back with boxes of ’em!

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