Using Faceship the Way it Wasn’t Intended

So we’ve got this fun little app called Faceship out there – It is, as the name would imply, very face-centric in the sense that it provides a bunch of effects that are intended to be applied to people’s faces. Stuff like this:

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(These were all done by our users)

But naturally I (and a few other like-minded nonconformist sorts) can’t help but try these effects in other situations too. Here’s a few:

Lubek, Germany2013-02-17 14.43.40.jpg2013-02-17 13.49.14_Tweaked.jpg

While obviously you can use something like Photoshop to do far more sophisticated editing on an image once you get home, I’m finding that there’s definitely a joy to the immediacy of holding the camera up and seeing what the result will be in a live preview. And for that matter I almost always end up adjusting where I’m pointing the camera or where I’m standing in order to create a composition that is better targeted to the effect I’m using… something that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do if this were purely a post-process and I’d already locked-in a specific framing.

At any rate, if you’re inclined, go download the app and give it a shot – I’d love to see some more out-of-the-box photos created with the thing. The basic app is free (OMG FREE!!!) which gets you several of the effects shown above and then you can do an in-app purchase (99¢ – find that under the couch cushions or something) to get all the currently-available effects.

And who knows, if we see enough interest in this sort of thing we might just do an app specifically dedicated to this sort of photography. Whaddya think?