Midnight Sun (in Iceland)

(I’d posted this on my homepage a while back but figured I’d bring it into blog-land)

Here’s a time-lapse I took in summer 2006 while wandering around the Northern part of Iceland. Other than the glitch halfway through (apparently a known bug in Canon’s TC80N3 timer, which is otherwise quite cool) it’s a rather nice example of how the sun never sets this time of year. This was shot starting at about 11:30pm and goes through about 2am.

For a much higher quality version of this, check out the quicktime movie(it’s 20MB so it’ll take a while… but it’s much nicer than crappy youtube video.)

And for lots more Iceland photos, go here (and see for yourself what a photographer’s paradise this place is, particularly when you’re able to take photos at about 1am and get stuff like this).