Viral Videos, iPhone Apps… and Politicians with a Tiny Face

I’ve got a longer post coming about this but just wanted to let everybody know that we’ve got a new iPhone app out! It’s called ‘Faceship’ and for this version 1.0 release its one and only purpose in life is to give people Tiny Faces.

Why Tinyfaces? Well, I did this quick video of Mitt Romney with a TinyFace a little while ago: (Go ahead and give it a watch – it’s only a few seconds long).

Somehow it went super-viral, with over 1.75 million views so far. Which is, um, crazy.

So we figured we’d make an app for anybody to give themselves (or their friends) a tinyface. (Photos only – no video… yet)

The app’s called Faceship and it’s FREE. Not even any ads in it. Because we love you :-)

So I’d really really love it if you’d download it, give it a play-with, and most importantly, tell your friends and SHARE TINYFACE PHOTOS around the web. Apps live or die by word of mouth, so any help here would be super-appreciated. Seriously, thanks!

(Getting a nice review doesn’t hurt either – if you’re feeling generous please tell us what you think!)

(Oh, and if you don’t like the fact that the original video featured Romney, I did an Obama one too, and also a couple of other folks.  And a Donald Trump with a Bald Head.  Here’s our YouTube channel if you want a few more minutes of amusement – enjoy!)


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